Gulmarg Tour Packages

Gulmarg Tour Packages

Gulmarg's legendary loveliness, major site and nearness to Srinagar of course make it one of the Prime Minister hill resorts in the state. at first called Gaurimarg by shepherds, it’s their name was known in the 16th century by Sultan Yusuf Shah, who was enthused by the sight of its green slopes inscribed with wild plants. The valley of Gulmarg, a large meadow about 3-sq-kms in area, stand at 2,730 meters, 56-km south west of Srinagar. The name income 'Meadow Of Flowers' and in the spiral it's just that, a undulating meadow dotted with innumerable colorful Bluebells, Daisies, Forget Me Not's and Buttercups. The vale itself is concerning 3-km long and up to a km broad. This fascinating hill station used to be the free time resort for kings and regal family. It also served as a summer move away for British officers throughout their rule in India. History says that Mughal Emperor Jehangir was a usual visitor to the surroundings. The name was known by Yousuf Shah Chak, the previous king, who often visited the put.

All around is snow-capped mountain, and on an obvious day one can see all the way to Nanga Parbat is one direction and Srinagar is one more. It's a well-liked day trip from Srinagar to Gulmarg, though many people make bigger their stay or use it as a base for trek. The road from Srinagar rises quietly towards the inferior slopes of the range, passing through rice and maize fields.cclaimed as the ‘Heartland of Winter Sports in India’ by CNN, Gulmarg truly stands up to the expectation. Home to the most charming cable car ride in India and the next highest in the whole world, this scenic hill position is also careful as the ‘Mecca of Skiing in India’. Its charming snow clad hills and mountain has given rise to the fame of several other outdoor and adventurous sports in the country. Well, if you still think Gulmarg is a paradise for the thrill lovers, you will absolutely be wrong as this beautiful hill position is also the home to one of the highest golf courses in the world.Gulmarg has around 40 hotels ranging from extremely budget accommodation in private huts to hotels that are of a similar normal to a western Bed and Breakfast. At what time hotels say 5 star expect similar standards to the aforementioned bed and breakfast or motel. After Tangmarg, the climb to Gulmarg begins through fir-covered hillsides. At one tip, known only as View Point, traveler usually stop their vehicle for a few minutes and look out a spectacle of snow-covered mountains, almost within touching distance.

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